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We are a group of experts gathered in Cameroon in Central Africa to support small and medium enterprises and third parties in their various strategies and development in the field of information and communication technologies. Our model is based on
a communicative approach focused on the customer. We start from your ideas to solutions. We study and solve your problems. We propel you in improving your image, your processes and your system through ICT.

About our customers

Today, with the evolution of information and communication technologies that facilitate exchanges, we are focused on rendering quality services through a field of intervention that extends over the entire planet. We collaborate with partners mainly located in Africa and Europe.

Whether you have a shop, a shop, a service company, an industry, (…) or any other activity, Engie Soft assists you in implementing solutions that make your business easier.

web company

Web business? Is it possible to work remotely?

With the performances that the web knows today and the means of communication that result from it, we have been able to place ourselves in order to mobilize our knowledge and solve the problems that have arisen no matter where it has landed . It is quite possible to work remotely, especially with the emergence of collaborative platforms and cloud technologies. The means of communication are more flexible than ever and therefore to correspond with our customers is only a detail.

What is our field of intervention?

We are able to intervene on the entire planet remotely for showcase website creation projects, merchant websites or even web and mobile applications. Collaborative platforms such as Trello, Microsoft Outlook and communication platforms such as Skype and Whatsapp Enterprise and many others allow us to maintain communication and ensure the sustainability of these types of projects.

For other projects such as integrating ERP to digitize and optimize the operating processes, we move to your country. Through our partner KM Soft and KM Design in Moutier, Switzerland, we cover Western Europe and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Meet our team

Discover a part of our team of young passionate and professional
Nelson will find you any kind of solution regarding your IT problems. He leads the team and ensures the sustainability of the projects.


IT Consultant

Linda Secke
Linda will be very close to you for exchanges and procedures. She is flexible and provides communication and web writing.

Linda Secke

Content Manager

Paul Bepe
Paul ensures with everything that touches the visual. It will make you shudder with its video montages, the quality of its graphic rendering.

Paul Bepe

Graphist & Webdesigner

Joseph Etta
Joseph’s thing is web and mobile development. No distributed system on mobile application and web does not resist him.

Joseph Etta

Web & Mobile Developer