SEO Optimisation

Optimize your website on search engines

A website for your company is good. But a website visible through search engines is better.

Your website is online, that’s good! But this does not mean that it is visible to Internet users.

Currently, there are more than 12 billion pages on the web and this number is constantly increasing.

Search engines such as Google or Bing are the main means of accessing websites.

This is why a good position of your website with search engines is necessary. This is one of the main steps in attracting targeted Internet users to your website.

The position of your website in search engines should ideally be integrated into the study and design phase of your website.

SEO Optimisation

Optimization and monitoring of natural referencing

Why work on the natural referencing of your website? Discover some reasons:

  • The natural referencing of your website on search engines is free.
  • A well positioned website in search engines is a huge source of traffic and therefore business. For e-commerce sites, it is a huge source for lead acquisition and the potential to convert them into customers.
  • Your website visitor from search engines have found you based on the information they are looking for. They are qualified to become your prospects or customers.
  • A well referenced web page means that search engines have found that the content of your website is among the best references on a given topic.

What we offer

Our SEO service includes:

  • the study of keywords
  • the optimization of html tags for natural referencing
  • backlinks creation
  • the registration of your website in the Google address database
  • the creation of a sitemap.xml file
  • integration of statistics on Google Analytics
  • the monitoring and analysis of the information reported by Google Analytics
  • the adaptation of the code according to the feedback from Google Analytics